Rebecca Bell-Metereau Daily Kos

I knew it wouldn't take long for Rebecca Bell-Metereau to send her message out to the world. In Daily Kos she authors "Texas Board of Education: 2010 or 1950?" While speaking with her for this Nation piece, I inevitably had to leave out parts that would have added to her story. But, in this piece, she does a great job of summing it up.

This kind of disrespect for teachers and education must stop.  We must resist extreme partisan and ideological efforts to rewrite history, weaken the curriculum, and brainwash our children.  Such a huge number of sweeping changes and omissions can't be justified by saying this is simply a response to excessive liberal influence on the curriculum. There is nothing "conservative" about excluding Thomas Jefferson and democracy from a discussion of our history.  

Let's hear more from the voices of reason, from people all over Texas and the nation who respect education, research, teachers, and common sense.  I call on readers to pay attention to what is happening to education in Texas, because it may spread to the entire United States in the near future.  It’s not too late to turn this trend around, but we must act now to marginalize political and ideological extremists and return the Texas State Board of Education to its proper mission of educating students for the 21st century, not the 1950s. 

Can you say, BRAVA? We are very lucky to have a woman like her in Texas.