Food Wars: Little Nugget vs. The Nugget

At long last. My uneventful return to blogging about my existence. I have finally returned to Reno from my six-month stint in New York City. I could write a book on the last six months I spent in New York, but I have a feeling I'll be seeing more of New York some time in the future.

This blog post is dedicated to my first "job" back in Reno working as a Production Assistant for the Travel Channel's Food Wars show. My friend, and talented camera person, Winter Carrera, needed some PAs, so I drove to the Nugget Casino to help film the Food War between The Little Nugget's Awful Awful burger and the Nugget Casino's Awful Awful burger. The show basically is what is says—two restaurants fight for bragging rights for the local favorite. In this case, it was Awful Awful burgers.

When they were filming the show, I was reminded of MTV's show "Made". A teen girl wanted to be a dancer and her coach said, "The only thing glamourous about dancing is the makeup and the costumes. Everything else is blood, sweat and tears." Okay, the show wasn't necessarily torturous high kicks one after the other, but seeing as this was my first foray into television (and not the journalism kind) it was interesting to witness the tricks of the trade as well as the numerous first-bite takes, which prompted the command "More ecstasy, less pain" from the director. Everything came together after four days into one, happy, entertaining show.

The one day I helped, I was given the glamourous role of helping fill out releases for the underage, holding a cable (we cannot have any trippers) as well as texting the producer when the burgers were almost done. Witnessing the chefs make the burgers for the judges was the absolute highlight of the day. Although seeing the crowd's reaction to the winner is also up there. You'll have to tune in to the Travel Channel in September to see the results. Pictures are taken by Winter Carrera. PAs below: Winter, Aaron, Sebastian, Heather, and me in the middle. We PAs rule!