The Life Report

Words to live by.

I know I made mistakes by being too accepting of whatever happened to me. I did not fight back. Always concerned about my honor and dignity and what others would think about me if I reacted certain ways. How foolish I was.

I realize our youth have a more difficult world than I did growing up. They live in fear and anxiety because of world affairs, our economy, joblessness and so many other things that affect them. Questions like when they graduate will they get jobs, will their parents still have jobs and homes, what about money, tuition, cost of living, health care. It is all so overwhelmingly, consumingly terribly to think about day after day, year after year.

Our younger generation needs to be more involved in making life better for all humanity rather than seeking careers with large salaries. We need more thinkers, scientists, those who care about making life better for all mankind. The future world is theirs to make.

-The Life Report: Regina Titus