New York Times Reviews The American Way of Eating

Yesterday, Scribner officially launched The American Way of Eating. I'm proud to have helped with the book and even prouder of the author I worked with, Tracie McMillan. Yes, it seems odd for me to be proud of her, but that's just how it goes when you feel excited for someone you've come to admire so much. And, if you couldn't see from the picture, The New York-effin-Times wrote a review! You'll have to read the review for yourself. But, the press has not stopped. There's been press from NPR, Slate, Salon, LA Times, SF Gate, and many others. Michael Pollan gave a quick "Congratulations" over Twitter to Tracie herself. The best part is that yesterday I finally met Tracie. Believe it or not, all my work was done remotely and over the Internet. But, she said, she still owes me dinner.